Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Regalia Medallion

Artist Statement

The Kugelman Honors Program wanted a medallion for their students and they wanted it to show class, have weight, and overall represent the honors program for its values. The main values of the honors program are diversity, balance, achievement, and ambition. I wanted to represent these values through symbolism and through the use of icons seen around campus that students can relate to and are familiar with. I wanted the overall design to be balanced, unique, and refined in detail to allow the students in the honors program truly reflect their status at this university. 

The first side of the medallion is the canon found on the canon greens in front of the library, and a Camilla; a common, beautiful flower found all over campus that also has its very own garden. The canon and the camilla are visually balanced the camilla is incorporated to add a sense of elegance. To me the canon symbolizes ambition and the camilla symbolizes diversity and growth. I feel that the historical artifact of the canon is a weapon that helped advance those who sailed the waters of the Gulf and it heightens their sense of ambition to get from point A to point B, and that's exactly what the honors students do. The blooming camilla represents the students' growth in academic achievement, the end of their journey at graduation, as well as the start of a new leaf after graduation. The flip side of the medallion is the Jason and the Argonauts ship and this symbolizes achievement. Our school's history and the history of our mascot all tie into this overall idea of achievement, so I felt the best way to represent this value in the medallion was The Argo. Furthermore, balance, diversity, ambition, and achievement are values all represented through the use of symbolism and icons in this medallion.

This piece of regalia represents all that the Kugelman Honors program stands for and I feel meets the clients needs. With using the University of West Florida branding and creating a design that is unique and refined in detail, I feel it is a more than suitable piece for the University of West Florida's Kugelman Honors Program. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Week 15: Discussion Post

Semester Reflection

  At the beginning of the semester I did not know what to expect with this class. I had never done 3D modeling and have never 3D printed anything. Trying to get the hang of the programs was difficult at first for me as well. However, as the semester went on I feel I have learned alot about the programs we have used and have built up my skills in 3D manufacturing.

  My first project I feel reflected my level of 3D manufacturing in that I feel it did not come out the way I wanted it to since I wasn't proficient in the programs. I felt it wasn't my best work and was very basic, but by Project 2 I feel my work improved significantly and was very successful. Even more so in the final project I feel my work has gotten much better and I enjoyed the class through this process of growth. 

Week 14: Discussion Post

Draft 02 Revision

For this draft I found issues with some of the text, petals, and the canon. I have to fill the canon so it's not hallow so that the print doesn't collapse on itself like this print did. I also have to go back in and extrude the text more because some didn't appear because they were so small. I need to put a few petals into meshmixer again as well because they don't look as organic as I want them to. Finally, to avoid one face being covered in supports and potentially ruining that side, I will do a plane cut so I have two separate faces that can be glued later so both faces stay in tact.

Week 13: Discussion Post

Draft 01 Revisions

For the next version of my initial draft I will bring the petals into meshmixer and sculpt each one so that I can make them look more organic and be more relieved. I want to also do this will the sail and the canon so that the edges will be smoother and they will be more three dimensional. I want this piece to have overall a higher relief than it already has as well as make sure it looks detailed and refined. Additionally I want to add a spot for student names to go and a ring on top of the medallion to allow it to have an attachment for their neck.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Project 2 Chimera: Final

Project 2 Chimera

Artist Statement

This piece is a combination of animals seen in nature (more specifically the woods.) I combined a fox, a ferret, a squirrel, a bear, and pine cones. This creature is placed on a hollow wooden tree to put the creature into context. The pine cones were placed all over the body to feel like growths and to be open to the viewer's interpretation. They can be seen as wooden growths, pine cones, or even mushrooms. I also left the story of the creature to the viewers interpretation in that there are many open-ended questions. Such as why there are two heads? Is one dominant? What is it about to do? And it is placed in a position that makes you feel anticipation for what it could be doing. Whether it's looking out for something or just hanging out. I was also going for a more organic feeling given the nature of the model. The paint and textures are naturalistic as well as the incorporation of negative spaces all throughout the piece.

Week 12: Weekly Discussion Post

Project 2 Process Photographs

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Final Stage